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"With this comprehensive, deeply researched book, Joe Weinman closes the case on cloud computing. And who could imagine a book on IT infrastructure and strategy could be a great read too? This book is going to help companies optimize their IT investment but, more important, position them to exploit the technology revolution of our time for competitive advantage and success."  —Don Tapscott, author of fourteen widely read books on IT in business and society, most recently Macrowikinomics: New Solutions for a Connected Planet

"Riveting reading--I couldn't put it down. With his mind-opening insights, Joe Weinman has made me realize the enormous strategic potential of the cloud, reaching way beyond cost and scale economics. Cloudonomics has the power to redefine B2C commerce, disrupt B2B business models, and create new value in previously unimagined ways. Fascinating."  —Fred Wiersema, Customer Strategist and Chair, B2B Leadership Board, Institute for the Study of Business Markets at Penn State, coauthor of the top-selling The Discipline of Market Leaders

"Anyone even considering entering this industry will be years behind not having read Cloudonomics. I couldn't stop reading it as I found myself saying, 'Yes! Exactly!' every other page."  —Chuck Price, President and CEO, Ajubeo, and former VP, Technology, TD Ameritrade and Fiserv

"Weinman delivers on his goal to provide a seminal and timeless overview of cloud computing. Cloudonomics is not an arcane mathematical discussion on economic theory. It's a fascinating overview of a technology revolution that's quite enjoyable to read, thanks to deep comparisons to events throughout human history and a balanced representation of many competing viewpoints."  —John Keagy, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, GoGrid

"Cloudonomics is an exceptional book for IT professionals to understand how large-scale web companies can transform their organization using public, private, and hybrid cloud computing. The book underscores one central point—being flexible with cloud computing can drive your business."  —Allan Leinwand, Chief Technology Officer-Infrastructure, Zynga

"It is a business imperative to do more with less—and do everything faster. Cloudonomics offers a much-appreciated framework for sorting through cloud computing options and the marketing hype."  —Lorraine Cichowski, SVP & CIO, Associated Press

"Joe Weinman is one of the foremost thinkers in Cloud Computing. He has captured a topic of fierce complexity and expressed it with elegant prose and simple, powerful, and compelling mathematical rigor. Weinman delivers his arguments with a clarity and logic that is unassailable. Cloudonomics should be required reading for every enterprise CIO seeking a way through the clutter and hype of vendors' cloud solutions, and looking for a set of crystal clear, mathematically grounded and meticulously presented arguments that show the way through the morass of cloud computing."  —Simon Crosby, PhD, CTO, Bromium, Inc.

"Cloudonomics is a seminal work on cloud based on an axiomatic mathematical theory, and not on popular opinions and baseless assumptions. Based on rigorous quantitative analysis, the book is amazingly simple to read with real world examples in a lucid language that will resonate with both the technical and business professional. This book is a must read for every professional interested in Cloud, and is an invaluable reference for any advanced course on Cloud Computing."  —Ravi Rajagopal, Vice President, Cloud Strategy & Solutions, CA Technologies; Adjunct Professor, New York University

"Joe Weinman’s masterful book looks past the hype to offer new insights into the impact of cloud computing. Cloudonomics is must-reading for anyone interested in a more analytically based understanding of the cloud’s transformative potential."  —Christopher S. Yoo, John H. Chestnut Professor of Law, Communication, and Computer & Information Science and Founding Director of the Center of Technology, Innovation and Competition, University of Pennsylvania

"The cloud is redefining how technology is being used for businesses. Cloudonomics is a book that will help you understand the economics and importance of this change and what it means for your industry."  —Om Malik, Om Malik, Founder, GigaOM & Structure: the Cloud Computing conference